Nourish'd has a huge vision with a simple solution.

We experienced that great food made us happier, effective and energised people. We serve amazing food with a message that reminds people to engage with the effect great food can have on their bodies.

Nourish'd started simply for us - on a park bench on the South Bank of the Thames. We decided that if companies across London were ordering health conscious meals for their employees through Nourish'd then they would be having a massive impact on the health of the city.

Thousands of people being exposed to healthier choices each week, thousands of people that could start to build a more effective and sustainable way of eating.

Nourish’d delivers so much more than every other food service because it focuses on building better people. Every meal we serve is lovingly vetted by one of our nutritionists to guarantee it meets our food guidelines. If it isn't suitable for building productive, energised, and happy people, then we won't serve it.