Productivity food is great tasting food that is designed to balance energy levels, increase cognitive function and reduce stress in the body.

Here is how we achieve this...

Nutrient dense food

Nutrient dense food carries more vitamins and minerals. There are countless studies on how an increase in Vitamin B, C, D and E increase cognitive function. We make sure that each meal is full of nutrients. We also plan our weekly menus so that regular eaters get a variety of nutrients across the week.

Low GI ingredients

Ever experienced the mid-afternoon crash? Foods that fluctuate our blood sugar dramatically cause energy highs and subsequent energy lows. A nightmare for a person that needs to be productive. All our ingredients are low GI foods which means blood sugar levels stay steady for longer.

Protein rich

Have you ever wondered how your body continually builds and repairs itself? It uses the 20 amino acids found in protein. We ensure that people are getting good levels of protein so that their cells can work more effectively. Poorly working cells, mean a poorly working human.

No processed food

By the time food has been through all that machinery, it no longer resembles the beautiful thing we are meant to eat in look or nutritious content. We want nutrient dense food, so processed foods are out.

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