Nourishd Convenient Healthy Food Delivery

George Adolphus

Head of Happiness

George is our happiness guru. 5 years ago he set out on a mission to spend every day feeling as good as he could. After a thai fitness camp, yoga binges, and endless alternative workshops George realised how what he put in his body had the most dramatic effect on his concentration, his energy levels and his happiness.

George says : “Nourish’d is my mission to make it simple and affordable for people to feel great everyday because, ultimately, a world full of healthy, happy and productive people will be a better world for you, me and everyone that we love, to live in."

Duncan Campbell

Head of Healthiness

Duncan is our enthusiastic health guru. His passion for tennis led him to become interested in the impact diet can have on physical performance and energy levels. His surprise came when he experienced first hand an equally large impact on his positivity and overall happiness. Now his mission is to share this improved quality of life with as many people as possible.

Duncan says : "Bouncing out of bed, running for hours on end, focusing for 3 hours without a break, being confident and positive all day long. None of these things are difficult when you're eating right."

Nourishd Convenient Healthy Food Delivery